Borough of Harmony

Pennsylvania, USA


Welcome to the Help Page

We’d like to thank you for visiting our Web site. The Help Page was created to help you navigate this site easily.
Where You Are
In the left hand corner of each page there is a section entitled “You are here:” which goes on to say something like Home>News or Home>Calendar of Events. This section shows you the path you have taken to get to where you are. If it says Home>News, you started at the “Home Page” and you clicked and went to the “News Page.”
Where You Were
You can click back through the path to get to pages that were previously visited. For instance, in our example Home>News, you can click on the word “Home” and it will take you to the Home Page.
Where You Can Go
On any page, you will find a section either at the top or side of the page that is called the Navigation Bar. This section will help you get to the pages you need. The words are links to the different pages on the Web Site. These words describe the types of information you will find on the linked page.
News/Calendar Listings
The News and Calendar listings you find on the side of the page are only samples of what you can find on the respective pages. If you click on the News or Calendar links, you will find these stories and events, and much more of what is going on in your town.
Still Have Questions?
If you have further questions about our Web site or our town go to the Contact Us page. The Contact Us page makes it easy for you to send us a question or comment. It is a simple form where you fill in information and submit it so that we can answer your questions as quickly as possible.

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