Borough of Harmony

Pennsylvania, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of commonly ask questions. If you cannot find the answer you need, please use the Contact Us tab at the top of the page.

How can I obtain a copy of the Borough Council minutes?
Go to the Departments Section or click here
What is the Borough’s leaf collection schedule?

Leaf collection occurs in the fall,  generally from October through November.

Limb pick-up occurs in the spring, generally from May through September.
Please call the Borough Office to verity dates.

When do the different boards and commissions meet?

Harmony Council                –  1st Tuesday of the Month
Parks Board                         –  3rd Wednesday of the Month
Planning Commission          –  3rd Tuesday of the Month
Harmony Water Authority   –  4th Wednesday of the Month
HARB                                     – 1st Monday of the Month
Zoning Hearing Board          –  Scheduled as needed

What are the requirements for temporary signs in Harmony?

May my business use temporary business signs?

Temporary business signs, including streamers, banners, pennants, string lights, mobile message boards, portable free-standing signs or other temporary business signs shall be permitted subject to the following restrictions:

(1) The temporary business signs shall be located only on the property owned or leased by the business doing the advertising and may not be located off the premises of the business.

(2) No part of the sign or any of its accompanying components shall be located on any other property nor shall utility poles, municipal signs or public street lights be used for such temporary business signs.

(3) All signs shall be located off of any sidewalks, streets or other public thoroughfares.

(4) Temporary business signs may not be kept in place for more than one week.  In the event that any temporary business sign is left in place for more than one week it shall no longer be considered temporary and shall require a permit in accordance with the provisions of Harmony Borough Code concerning signs.  The fact that the information contained in any temporary business sign is changed will not affect the one week maximum for the sign itself.

(5) The size of the sign shall not exceed the size of signs permitted in the zoning district as contained in the Harmony Borough Code.

What about temporary off-site directional signs?

Temporary off-site directional signs intended for the purpose of directing traffic to activities such as the showing of a model home, home for sale or grand opening shall be permitted subject to the following restrictions:

(1) The size of the sign shall not exceed ten square feet.

(2) The temporary off-site directional sign shall not remain in place for more than one week.  Signs in place any longer than one week will require compliance with the other requirements of the Harmony Borough code regarding signs other temporary signs.   This includes obtaining a permit.

(3) The temporary off-site direction sign may be placed only on private property.  One may not be placed on any sidewalks, roadways, public rights of way, etc.

(4) No sign may be placed on any private property without the owner’s consent.

(5) Signs shall not be placed in such a manner so as to distract a motorist’s attention from the roadway.

May I, or my group, put up non-commercial signs? 

Non-commercial signs, including but not limited to announcements advocating candidates for political office or ballot questions, shall be permitted on a temporary basis subject to the following restrictions:

(1) The size of the sign shall be in conformity with the requirements for other signs in the Zoning District.

(2) For any sign advocating a political candidate or a position on a ballot question, such sign shall be removed within two days after the election has occurred.

(3) All such non-commercial temporary signs shall be located on private property and may not be placed in any public rights of way or attached to any utility poles, road signs, public street lights, or other public facilities.

(4) All such non-commercial signs shall be placed on the property only after consent of the property owner has been obtained.

What about other temporary signs like yard sales?

Other temporary signs advertising garage sales, yard sales, porch sales or such other non-commercial private functions shall be permitted subject to the following restrictions:

(1) The size of such signs shall not exceed six square feet.

(2) Such signs must be located on private property and the permission of the property owner must be obtained.

(3) Temporary non-commercial signs under this section are not permitted within the road right of way and may not be affixed to any public utility poles, street light poles, street signs or other utility structures.

(4) The signs may be posted no earlier than seven days prior to the start of a single day sale and if it is a multi-day sale, such sign may remain up no longer than seven consecutive days.

(5) All signs shall be removed within 24 hours after any garage sales, yard sales, porch sales, etc. have occurred.


I’d like to hold a large event in Harmony, what do I need to do?
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